CA Aggies are ready to BTHO Fall 2022 Semester!

After a successful gathering at our Howdy Happy Hour on Saturday, August 20th, CA Aggie students and families are definitely ready for the Fall semester at A&M.

Despite the heat and rain throughout move-in weekend, we welcomed over 75 CA Aggies at our event social and witnessed many connections being built as we got to know one another through ice breaker activities and small group conversations. We had families representing cities in all areas of California and students ranging from incoming freshman to 5th year seniors. Whoop!

While we might not be the largest Aggie Mom’s group at A&M, we might just be the Loudest and Proudest OUT OF STATE Members of the Federation of Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club! We look forward to an eventful year together supporting our daughters and sons as they experience the awesomeness that is Texas A&M!

Gig ’em CA Aggies!

Get to Know Vice-President Kailee Norris


Originally from Harlingen, TX near South Padre Island on the southern tip of Texas; currently in San Diego, CA due to active-duty husband’s career and current station at MCAS Miramar.


Ally ‘24 Allied Health major and Jackson ‘26 English major (Also have another daughter who will be a junior in high school.)


I was the first Aggie in my family, class of ‘99 and married Drew ‘00. Since then we’ve had 3 nephews and our 2 children attend A&M with hopefully more to come.


Probably seeing A&M through the eyes of my own children and knowing that some of the friends they are making now will be their friends for life. My family has all seen the close bonds we have with our classmates and the instant connection that occurs when we meet another Aggies and I believe that’s why we’ve had more family members choose to attend school there. The Aggie Network can not be compared to anything else at another school! I think my best and favorite A&M memories are yet to come with corps march-ins and Aggie Rings being ordered. Lots to look forward to and I couldn’t be happier my kids chose to share these traditions by attending A&M.

CA Aggie Spotlight – Ashley Chambers


  • Hometown: Burlingame, CA (SF Bay Area)
  • Degree: B.S. Biomedical Engineering
  • Clubs/Sports/Campus Affiliations: Pi Beta Phi, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Texas A&M Club Sailing Team, Club Swim Team
  • Aggie Stats: 2nd Generation Aggie
  • Best/Favorite Texas A&M memory: Rushing the field after Texas A&M beat Alabama my senior year!
  • Plans after graduation: Moved to Boston, MA to work for Bristol Myers Squibb in their Kick Start Rotational Program (3 job rotations in 2 years across the Biotech Industry)
Congratulations, Ashley!
Gig ’em!


The California Aggie Moms’ Club would like to invite all new & returning CA Aggies & their families to join us @ TAMU on August 20th from 3-5pm for a HOWDY HAPPY HOUR!

For additional details and to RSVP by July 26th, click here.

*CA Aggie Moms Club members in attendance will have their Aggie student included in a scholarship drawing for Fall 2022. WHOOP!

California Area Federation of Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club

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CA Aggie Spotlight – Addison Frese

  • Hometown: El Dorado Hills, California
  • Major/Degree(s): BS in Biomedical Sciences
    Pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics at TAMU
  • Clubs/Sports/Campus Affiliations: I was a member of Twelve for 3.5 years and served as Treasurer for 1 of those years. The club helped me meet new people from all over Texas as well as providing the opportunity to serve the Bryan/College Station area through volunteer events.
  • Aggie Stats: 1st Generation Aggie
  • Plans after graduation: After I get my PhD, I want to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry to create or better medical drugs.
Congrats Addison! Gig ’em!

“My brother came out to watch the Alabama game last season along with some friends from out of state. We were sitting in the 1st deck and were able to storm the field quickly after we scored the winning field goal. Nothing beats running out on that field meeting the football players and enjoying the moment with my brother and friends.”

Addison’s Favorite Texas A&M Memory

CA Aggie Spotlight – Bailey Gruber

Bailey left California to attend Texas A&M over four years ago, and admits that she has fallen in love with the 12th man even more than she thought was possible back in 2018. Now that she’s graduated, she plans on staying in the DFW area where she will be working for Texas A&M as a Regional Advisor in their Arlington Prospective Student Office! Congrats Bailey!!!


  • Hometown: Visalia, Ca
  • Major/Degree(s): Agricultural Leadership and Development with a minor in Business
  • Clubs/Sports/campus affiliations you participated in: Aggie Blossoms, Gateway
  • Aggie Stats: First Gen Aggie!

When asked about her Best/Favorite Texas A&M memory, Bailey replied:

“I actually have two favorite memories! The first is my very first time walking around campus! I may have gotten lost, but I also knew A&M was going to be the place for me! My second favorite memories were the Alabama and LSU games! Being there as our Aggies made history was something I’ll never forget!”

Gig ’em, Bailey!! Class of 2022